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Akademy 2015

30th July 2015

I’m just finishing up a week spend at Akademy, the annual conference of the KDE community.

AGM lunch break

We started last Friday with the AGM of the KDE e.V., the legal entity that deals with the financial and other legal aspects of KDE.

Working 1

After that, we had two days of talks, and then from Monday onwards we’ve had “birds of a feather”, or “BoF”, sessions where people working on or interested in similar things get together to discuss things face-to-face.

I have visions, should I go see a doctor?

It’s been great fun, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing people I’ve met before again and meeting people I’ve only known through IRC and blog posts or have never even come across.

Question time

The organising team have done a fantastic job: we’ve had free busses running from our accommodation to the venue, video recording of talks (which I’m sure someone will post about soon), easy to access food, two parties and people always on-hand to provide information.

Smart Tech and Sensible Tech

There have been announcements of new technologies, talks about community things like how to write a vision statement or what artists are doing with Krita, technical talks about things like how to optimise your program, talks about development methodologies and more.

Akademy Award winners

Personally, I’ve taken the opportunity to start improving our CMake documentation, including writing and planning new tutorials. I’ve also been working on some Extra CMake Modules things at the request of David Faure, looking at accessibility things with Frederik Gladhorn and trying out the upcoming release of Plasma.


I’ve had great fun taking lots of photographs this Akademy, and have been uploading them all to Flickr.

Wall sitting

I’m not the only one, either – you can find other photo sets linked from the Akademy wiki.

Find a rock, climb it

I’m about to catch a flight home, but I very much hope I can make next year’s Akademy as well.

View from the Torre de Hércules

Buildsystem BoF at Akademy

8th July 2015

I’ve just booked a room for Tuesday afternoon at Akademy for a couple of CMake / extra-cmake-modules BoF sessions.

The first part is for people who want support hacking the buildsystem of their own projects. Not sure of the best way to migrate to extra-cmake-modules as part of your shift to KF5? Getting “deprecated” or other CMake warnings you want to resolve? Can you think of something really useful the buildsystem could do in your project, but you don’t know how to do it? Come along, and I (and hopefully others) will be there to give you a hand. Likewise, if you feel comfortable writing stuff in CMake, and you want to help other developers, come along to lend a hand – you don’t need to be an expert!

The second part is for people who want to contribute to extra-cmake-modules. If you have some CMake code in your project you think other projects will find useful, or you have ideas for improvements in the existing modules, come along and pitch in.