Help wanted: Photoshop

As part of KDE Frameworks, we have a collection of QImage plugins that allow Qt applications to read various types of image files not natively supported by Qt. I’ve recently overhauled the one that reads Photoshop images (PSD files) but, without access to Photoshop, I have no way to create images that test the code. The one test image I have, I created using the Gimp, which is less than ideal when I want to test compatibility with Photoshop itself.

So, if you have access to Photoshop (Photoshop Elements might be sufficient, I’m not sure) and would be willing to make some test images (in pairs – one PSD, one PNG) of various specific configurations and in various save formats, please do get in touch (alex dot merry at kde dot org, alexmerry on IRC, or just post a comment here).

To the extent that the simple images I require would be copyrightable, you would need to be willing to license them under the LGPLv2+ or a permissive license (CC-BY-SA would be fine, for example).


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5 Responses to “Help wanted: Photoshop”

  1. Boudewijn Rempt Says:

    You could check the krita psd filter unittest images — they already come in pairs.

  2. Alan Says:

    I was looking for PSD code and this project seems to one of the few that is actively working on PSD specifically, might be worth getting in touch

    I might be able to dig out an old copy of Photoshop, if there’s anything missing from the Krita test files please create an issue to track it, if it benefits Krita I’ll be extra motivated to help.

  3. bvp Says:

    What exactly are your needs? What “various specific configurations” and “various save formats” are you looking for? Do you have any requirements for the image content itself?
    Please make your best effort to be as specific as possible and I (or someone else) will surely be able to help you.

    • randomguy3 Says:

      I need (small – 10×10 or so would be fine for most of them) files containing at least red, blue, green and white pixels at various transparencies. These need to be saved uncompressed, with RLE compression, zip (with prediction) compression and zip (without prediction) compression. I’d like a variety of colour spaces (RGB, gray, bitmap, indexed, lab, etc) and colour depths (8, 16, maybe 32, for colour spaces that makes sense for).

      For RLE compression in particular, I’d like some horizontal runs of identical pixels of length 1, 2, 126, 127, 128, 129 and 130. I don’t need every possible combination of everything (that would be a ridiculous number of images), but I’d like at least one of everything (at least one file for each compression mode, at least one file for each colour depth, etc), and I’d like most plausible combinations of colour space and colour depth (although I’m not too bothered about 32-bit colour depth).

      Each image would need a corresponding PNG reference image (although if a bunch of files are identical except for the compression mode, only one PNG is needed for all of them).

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