DeviceKit: How to Replace HAL

Following on from my last blog post, I’m trying to assemble information about what, exactly, is supposed to replace HAL on the FDO DeviceKit page.  If you know anything, please add it!


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4 Responses to “DeviceKit: How to Replace HAL”

  1. mat69 Says:

    Maybe you should also post that on so that more people will know about this page, maybe also on the correc ml — if not done already — would be a good place.

    • randomguy3 Says:

      Yes – I intended to post to devkit-devel when I got home. Actually, I realised I could use my webmail, so I’ve done that now.

      I’m not syndicated to (and, not being a Gnome developer, I’m not intending to syndicate there), so I can’t do that.

      Perhaps might be a good place, but again I’m not syndicated there, and have no idea of how I would get syndicated.

  2. manolin Says:

    KDE is already working on repalce hal by using udev + upower + udisks

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