Exciting Nights at Akademy?

I’ve come away from GCDS with several pieces of clothing I didn’t have before.  Some of them – a T-shirt I bought and three more given out by sponsors – were expected.  Others were not.  One of my roommates had to leave part way through the week, and (unsurprisingly, given that the room was as messy as you might expect from three guys) managed to leave a couple of items behind, which I picked up.  However one item still puzzles me.

I have a pair of jeans that are certainly not mine, and both my GCDS roommates deny owning.  Now, I’m pretty sure that our room didn’t see quite the level of excitement that leads to random people’s clothing being left around.  So the question is: where did they come from?


2 Responses to “Exciting Nights at Akademy?”

  1. dipesh Says:

    So, someone left your place without shorts? LOL, that tops a lot 🙂

  2. pseudyo Says:

    I know the feeling, it’s happened before. I think it may be cousin of the missing-sock-in-dryer syndrome.

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