It’s been a while since I posted. Such is life.

I’m really enjoying my first Akademy. I managed to forget a power adapter to convert between my British plug and the European sockets, but Nuno lent me one for a few days. I now have to find my own, though, as he went home today.

So, the conference. The keynotes on Saturday morning were really good. I recommend watching them when the videos are online (which they may be already). Of course, there is some furore over Richard Stallman’s talk, but I think that was always expected.

Yesterday was the KDE e.v. meeting, which I didn’t go to (not being a member of the e.v.). Instead, I slept in (sleep has been in short supply), went to the beach, and hacked. I put together a small plasmoid (87 lines of javascript) to show some controls for a media player. The idea is that you can put this on an auto-hiding panel on your desktop so that they don’t take up screen real estate, but are easily accessibly just by moving your mouse. The other half of the job, of course, is to do one that displays information. Then you can have the information about what song is currently playing permanently visible, and the controls only appear when you want them.

Today we had a very productive discussion on moving KDE to Git. The aim (if everything goes swimmingly) seems to be to move before KDE 4.4 goes into freeze. Amarok is intending to move very soon, though.

Speaking of Amarok, we’ve been sitting in one of the labs discussing things since the Git BoF. It’s amazing how much gets decided how quickly, especially when you’re used to deciding things on mailing lists. This is particularly true for user interface decisions. I’m expecting great things from the next release of Amarok.


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4 Responses to “Guademy”

  1. Kevin Krammer Says:

    I have a spare plug adapter. I’m currently in the lab 3-3 (or whatever it is actually called, the one opposite from the room we had the GIT BoF in)

  2. John Layt Says:

    I have about 4 with me, so can easily spare one or two 🙂

  3. Tony Murray Says:

    Hey Alex, nice to see you’re implementing that. My hacking time has been dedicated to krdc as of late. I’m highly motivated to do so as I use it all day for work.

    Keep on rockin 😉

  4. DanaKil Says:

    Puting plasmoid in auto-hiding panels is indeed a good solution but I’d love to see something like that in KDE4 :

    the new cashew is really sexy in 4.3, you can drag it on the corner or in the edge of the screen and it don’t cover my wallpaper too much. It would be cool if a plasmoid could be embedded like that, with just is icon or name, and appears when one click on it.

    Something similar for the windows could be great too. If I drag a window in the edge of the screen, it is transformed in a cashew-like button, with it’s icon and title. It’s great because I can easily remember where I put all my konqueror windows (always on the top left), or my others X app (always on the right…). Actually, it’s like a “decentralized taskbar”…

    ahh~ daydreaming 😉

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