Music in the Air

I upgraded the Archlinux AUR mysqle package (an easy way to satisfy the most annoying dependency for Amarok 2) to 5.0.70, from 5.0.60.  I’m not sure why it was 5.0.60 in the first place, since 5.0.68 was out when I made the build script.  I blame the fact that 0 looks quite similar to 8 on a console…

Having a new job has meant that my KDE involvement has taken a dip over the last couple of months.  I realised today that I’d completely missed the hard freeze to get MPD support into the Now Playing dataengine for Plasma.  It will be in for 4.3, I promise.  I might even have pluggable backends by then, and a shared library between Now Playing and Kopete.

Speaking of Now Playing, the applet needs some serious work.  It works, providing you have it on the desktop, but it’s not as pretty as it could be.  Trying to put it on the panel seems to quite successfully screw up Plasma.  Which is a pity, really, because that’s where it’s most useful.  I will endeavour to fix this before the 4.2 is released, but help would be very much appreciated.  I don’t get on with user interface design.

Another pet project that never really got off the ground is my reimplementing of the slideshow screensaver.  Ever since I started using it (in KDE 3), the fact that it occasionally gets stuck has annoyed me.  I believe this is down to a design issue – it depends on the paint event being called to create a timer for changing the picture, but Qt compresses paint events and so it may happen that the timer never gets started.  I also don’t like the way effects are implemented.  But I haven’t even got it to a state when I think I can reasonably commit it to playground yet.

Life will calm down eventually, and I have plenty of stuff to do when it does.


3 Responses to “Music in the Air”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Thanks for creating the mysqle package (and pointing me to it here). My last attempt to try Amarok2 ended quickly because of this and I didn’t know that a solution was just one command away. 🙂

  2. sideways Says:

    mysql from extra has embedded since a few days after amarok started using it.

  3. randomguy3 Says:

    That passed me by. Evidently I was too ahead of the times 😛

    Once I’ve confirmed that I can build Amarok without the mysqle package installed, I’ll ditch the AUR package.

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