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Another Day, Another Release

12th August 2008

Yes, releasing MPRIS Tester 1.3 a day after 1.2 is a bit ridiculous, but Fred Emmott pointed out a serious flaw for a D-Bus interface tester program: the type for the MPRIS Version field was wrong.  It should have been a struct of two uint16s, but instead I had it as two ints.

For safety, I’ve also specified that the status field is comprised of 4 int32s, rather than simply ints.  I hear tell of one (C, admittedly) compiler that implements ints as 24 bits…

MPRIS Tester 1.2

11th August 2008

MPRIS Tester 1.2 is now available at

Changes since 1.1: Clear Console now works, and the log of received signals now shows the argument to the signal (well, except for trackChanged() where I didn’t want to flood the log with all the metadata of the new track).

You can find out more about MPRIS Tester from an older post.

MPRIS Tester 1.1

6th August 2008

Briefly: I’ve updated the MPRIS Tester to version 1.1.  This update just improves a couple of bits of the user interface (not that any of it is amazing) – the log now has timestamps, and the capabilites are displayed as labels rather than greyed-out checkboxes.

Confused?  Read my introductory post about MPRIS Tester.