MPRIS Tester 1.0

I’ve just ironed out the last few creases (that I’ve found so far) in my MPRIS tester. It should now thoroughly test all parts of the MPRIS spec. Well, none of this testing is automated, but there’s only so much automated tests will do for you with something like this.

I’ve already used it to find a problem in Amarok’s handling of structs of ints (the same problem the first version of the MPRIS tester had).  I found some handy documentation about how to do just that.  It shows up a few more bugs in Amarok’s MPRIS interface that I’ll attack at some point if peterzl doesn’t get there first.

Note that this can be used as a rather rough-and-ready controller for any MPRIS-capable players on the local system, but it isn’t geared towards that and isn’t pretty.  It deliberately exposes all the internals of the MPRIS interface.

You can grab the code (only a 10K download!) at, and here’s a screenshot of the final beast in action:

MPRIS Tester 1.0

MPRIS Tester 1.0


2 Responses to “MPRIS Tester 1.0”

  1. Bogdan Bivolaru Says:

    Googling around for MPRIS I found this page
    Googling for the meaning of a word is not an indication of a good blog post.
    If new readers need a dictionary just to understand the meaning of your writings they will take their business away, which is not something desirable – right?

  2. randomguy3 Says:

    @Bogdan: yes, I should have linked to it. My bad. Fixed now.

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