Plasma == Shiny

Of course, the title of this post should be “Plasma is in the class of shiny things”, but standard British keyboards don’t have a set containment symbol.

Here is my desktop:

A screenshot of the desktop

Plasma == Shiny

It’s quite simple, but demonstrates a couple of the cool things about Plasma.  Plasma is, of course, all about clocks.  And so it’s vitally important to make use of this.  Above, you can see that I have a clock showing “Seigo-time”.  Because it’s handy to know when the project maintainer is likely to be awake.

I have a notes plasmoid.  I don’t use it.  It just looks cool.

The now playing widget is displaying what Amarok is playing (with its dynamic playlist!  Woo!).  Just to the right is a little bar.  That’s because my mouse is hovering over the right side of the now playing widget.  If I was hovering at the left side, the bar would be on the left.  Cool, no?  Actually, in this case it wouldn’t, because it’s clever enough not to put the bar where it would disappear off the screen.  I can use this handle to resize it (top button), rotate it (second button), remove it (bottom button) or move it (everywhere else).  If it was configurable (as the clock is, say) it would have a little spanner button for that.

In the middle of the screen is the run dialog (accessible with ALT+F2).  It’s a bit off-centre because I moved it to allow you to see the handle on the now playing applet.  I’ve typed “ksnap” into the text box, and it’s filtered down to show ksnapshot.  Even cooler is what I get if I type in “=47*3”, for example.  I get a little calculator icon with “141” underneath.  Handy.

You know what else is cool?  If you don’t like how the now playing applet looks, you can make your own (I wouldn’t blame you, it’s pretty rubbish).  And you don’t have to faff around with supporting Amarok and Juk and XMMS and whatever else.  You can just use the now playing engine that I already did all the hard work for (control of players is coming soon).  Just ask for the “nowplaying” data engine, and grab the info you need from there.

Did I mention I like KDE 4?


10 Responses to “Plasma == Shiny”

  1. Voice of kde fans Says:

    We also like KDE4! 🙂

  2. parena Says:

    KDE is looking better almost every day. The handle for the plasmoid, is that for 4.1 or do we have to wait another half year for that great visual improvement? Personally, I find the whole border thing around plasmoids now when you hover quiet eh… yuck. 😉

    And great job on the now playing engine!

  3. Max Says:

    I would find it more intuitive if you could just type in “47*3”. I think that’s how it worked in KDE3.

  4. fengshaun Says:

    yea, we like KDE4 too!! and the desktop of course look nice!

  5. randomguy3 Says:

    @Max: well, you can also type 43*3=. I guess it could be a little less strict…

    @parena: No waiting for this one :-P. Everything you see is in 4.1, apart from Amarok itself (which is due in early Autumn, I think).

  6. Jonathan Thomas Says:

    47*3= doesn’t work
    =47*3 does though

  7. randomguy3 Says:

    @Jonathan Thomas: it depends how recent your build is. It was only added the other day. I’m not sure whether it was backported to 4.1, though. It’s certainly in trunk (which will be 4.2).

  8. Jonathan Thomas Says:

    Ah, ok. That’s good to hear. I’m still on beta2.

  9. blauzahl Says:

    Dude, you just made my quotes file. That was funny. 😀

  10. Hypnogogic » Tumble » Links du jour Says:

    […] Plasma == Shiny « The KDE Underworld […]

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