Mmm… Tasty…

The wolf is looking mighty good. There are obviously still quite a few missing features, rough edges and things that make it crash (it is pre-alpha software, after all). But it plays music, and it looks good.

A screenshot of Amarok

Edit: I’m not an Amarok dev. My entire contribution to Amarok has been a single three-line patch (and that was to the Plasma-based part of it). I’m just a bleeding-edge junkie.


13 Responses to “Mmm… Tasty…”

  1. KDE4 user Says:

    I want it. Now.



  2. Eduardo Robles Elvira Says:

    It looks very good indeed! Just one suggestion: The playlist (on the right side) looks a bit “overloaded” visually, too many borders and lines. I think you should try to make it easier to the eye, so that can see/read everything in there at a glance. Happy hacking! =)

  3. josh Says:

    I like the look of it, trying to be as constructive as possible I think the playlist should probably have the black boarders around the artists and around the track names either softened to a gray so its not so contrasting or removed all together as its not really required and adds clutter.

    The groundwork looks good I hope all the niggles get sorted.
    I look forward to the results. 🙂

  4. Leo S Says:

    Cool. The screnshot looks a bit busy, but nothing that can’t be fixed. I really like the new volume and seek sliders.

  5. Dread Knight Says:

    Whoohooo! Can’t wait to try it out! 🙂

  6. Paulo Cesar Says:

    Hi, I was theming my compiled Amarok (svn from ~2 weeks ago), and I was having some problems with colors..

    The SVGs color’s on the application looked very different from the svg editor (inkscape).

    I guess it’s because of that thing of colorizing the theme to match the desktop colors, and if that’s true, it’s possible to disable this? My svgs were very nice (at least for me 😉 ) and I was frustrated that I couldn’t have amarok with the same colors I choose..

    Besides that, congratulations for the great work! The idea of making the entire window themable with SVGs is wonderful!

  7. Erlend Says:

    I love you guys. This looks amazing!
    Can’t wait! 🙂

  8. Heller Says:

    well, I think I’m the only one who don’t love amarok anymore ^^’

  9. furanku Says:

    Hmmm … what ist a giant circle segment with two different grey levels and a huge amarok logo good for?

    The screenshot looks a little bit like all informations and useful GUI elements crowd around a totally useless gimmick. That doesn’t look very well arranged.

  10. Matthieu Says:

    I just can’t wait to try this.

    (NB, if i had to make a little polish, the right playlist looks a bit overloaded maybe)

  11. randomguy3 Says:

    @furanku: you can put things there. Currently, I only have the “currently playing” widget there, but you can add things like a tag cloud, Last.FM recommended artists, etc.

  12. Omar Says:

    mmh, there is no ways to not ripp off iTunes design? really?
    Don’t get me wrong, i love amarok, it’s an exceptional player but it’s too bad this soft doesn’t get a exceptional GUI.

    Let’s dig the QT4 capabilities… if i find my old C++ book 🙂

  13. randomguy3 Says:

    @Omar: I don’t see how it’s ripping off iTunes. The only similarity, really, is the location of the controls (including the progress and volume slider). Even that’s not really the same, since iTunes has the controls to one side, whereas they’re central in Amarok.

    I personally find the iTunes interface annoying, and don’t like Songbird particularly because it mimicks iTunes. Amarok, on the other hand, has one of the most usable interfaces I’ve come across and the changes in version 2 are only making it better, in my opinion.

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