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13th March 2008

I went to see Spamalot last night in London.  It was an amazing show, happily sending up everything, especially itself.  I would happily go and see it again.  And again.  And again.

Nina Söderquist made a fantastic Lady of the Lake, the petulant diva of the show (well, along with Lancelot…).  Steven Kynman (Historian, Not Dead Fred, lead Minstrel and Prince Herbert) was also excellent, as was Andrew Spillett, who played Patsy (King Arthur’s “horse”).  Alan Dale, who played King Arthur, was a little wooden.  He was fine, but didn’t blow me away.

A special mention has to go to Ian Waller (“Swing”, which I think means dancers), who was the only person to write his biography in the spirit of the show (it starts “Ian started dancing at 7 but by 8.45 was back in bed thinking up a new career”).  Everyone else is far to serious.

The programme also contains a joke based on the subtitles of the original film.  Buy it and find out…

You Won’t Succeed In Broadway (If You Haven’t Any Jews)  was, I’m sure, a hilarious statement about musical theatre in New York.  However, it doesn’t translate very well to the West End of London.  It’s still a good song, but the joke isn’t that funny.

That said, I had an excellent time (right in front of the stage, on row A in the stalls!).  Go and see it!