KMail in the flesh

I was asked for screenies…

KMail in the flesh


14 Responses to “KMail in the flesh”

  1. kiwiki4e Says:

    Wohoo great! I’m used to this feature since I’m working with Google-Mail! One more reason to switch to kmail! Thx guys!

  2. Kanwar Says:

    How can I get the source for KMail to compile? I have KDE4 running but want to run the new KMail too …


  3. randomguy3 Says:


    I think you need to be running KDE from trunk (see

  4. Erunno Says:

    It’s really encouraging to see that KDE-PIM is progressing towards a 4.1 release. I’ve been an avid user of the PIM suite for some time and it would be a serious loss if KDE-PIM would demise due to lack of developers. I’d like to extend my thanks to all the developers for porting and introducing exiting new features.

    Looking forward to 4.1 🙂

  5. openchair Says:

    Looks good, really good! Threaded messages rock.

  6. kzarog Says:

    How about the vertical preview pane? In the old Kmail, it was imposible to have all the information of the message list shown + the side email view without horizontal scrollbars, even in a widescreen monitor!

  7. Diederik van der Boor Says:

    Looks nice!!

    I still prefer KMess above everything else, and I hope it will be improved more. 🙂

    If I may make a feature suggestion, I find myself using the message structure pane a lot to access attachments or the HTML version of an e-mail. That seams like a geeky-way to get things done. Can you make those message parts more natural to access (like most mail clients do, e.g. as in thunderbird).


  8. Fri13 Says:

    Looks good, i just hope Kmail will support Ctrl+M to hide menubar when it’s released. It’s one reason why Kmail isn’t “good” for old people because it’s not possible to hide that menu by default for 50+ users who dont need ever that menu. All other KDE apps are great what allows that menu hiding like konqueror, because then old user dont by mistake, press anything from menu but if they ask help from helpdesk to cinfigure Kmail more, they get it easily open (right click, ctrl+m etc), by default when it’s shown, there is no problem.

    Menu hiding is a important option, just as customising the toolbar buttons.
    Same thing is applied to IE7, Firefox and even mozilla thunderbird has addon for this.

  9. Thomas Zander Says:

    hiding a menu to make things more accessible also means things like ‘File->Quit’ are not accessible anymore. What about altering the menu structure using the kmailrc file (user changable without recompile) and removing all the ‘hard’ features ?

  10. mutlu Says:

    Hey Alex,

    I have a request: in KDE3’s kmail threaded view works quite well, too. Only one (quite simple) feature is not possible (afaik): I would like the threads to be sorted not according to their oldest, but their _newest_ message, so that a thread with new messaged comes to the top (or bottom) of the list and is easy to review. I.e. in your screenshot the “Qt-Copy update to 4.4” thread should be way down in the message window.

    Thanks for all your work on this amazing app!

  11. Kanwar Says:


    Thanks for the link.

  12. randomguy3 Says:


    I don’t work on KMail…

    If you want to see a feature, try posting a wish to

  13. Fri13 Says:

    “removing all the ‘hard’ features ?”

    The whole menubar is the problem, all my old age customers, dont use menu at all. They only need few buttons what are needed for basic email using.

    Get emails
    (some likes “next unread”)
    Move to trash

    And menu bar can add all kind problems, because when they click it mistaken etc. File > quit is not needed because they close application from X (corner), like all other applications, they dont even know they can go “file > quit” because X is always there for them.

    And this menu hiding allows even better customising for all others too who like to customise their KDE better. I didn’t even notice that other buttons ain’t needed for basic emails because i used default Kmail layout. And since few customising times, old/not-tech users dont have big problems to use email because it is just easier to use. It’s almost like paper mail for them now. But still i get questions how to remove menu bar.

    This is current view of most of my (old age) customers

    How i would like to configure kmail for them, is the Ctrl+M option what would give this option:

    And this is just feedback what i have got from them.
    It does not look “so important” from normal user but it would be great help for old users who dont need menu but what is always possible to get when they ask support on phone/email. And then it would be easy to tell “press ctrl button and M together, then you can see up a menu bar, select…”
    Konqueror even have toolbar button “Show Menubar” what could be added so it’s not needed to press ctrl+M combination, this is important too for few users who has problems to locate ctrl or press two buttons same time (one of my customer has a parkinson so he forgets things).

  14. at Tao amaga Says:

    […] Screen z UI Kmaila dla KDE 4 prezentuje się po prostu ładnie. Nie ma co się spodziewać rewolucji w wyglądzie nowego PIM dla KDE. […]

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