Come back KMail: all is forgiven

I’m using KMail 1.9.50, and I love it!

There’s still the odd quirk hanging around, such as not saving expire settings, but on the whole it’s a pleasant experience. And I love the Oxygen theme.

There are various improvements over KMail from KDE 3, as well. For example, threading is specified on a per-folder basis – so you can disable threading on lists where people abuse it (such as my college mailing list, where people send emails to the list by using reply-all on a previous email) or where you don’t want to look for emails by thread but by date (such as sent-mail), but enable it on something like kde-core-devel.

It has a very weird interaction with the plasma system tray, though. Having started KMail, sorted through a bunch of emails and quit it again, my system tray looks like this:

all is forgiven


3 Responses to “Come back KMail: all is forgiven”

  1. Alex Says:

    Threading per folder is already possible with KDE3 kmail, 1.9.7 here.


  2. KarPer Says:

    Aw great! Now I have this to drool over as well.

    Seriously, KDE4 is rupturing the space-time continuum by introducing too much awesomeness before humanity is ready for it.

    No, wait. By the time all this comes around and KDE4 catches up and surpasses KDE3 in terms of functionality…I guess, we’ll be fine. 🙂

    P.S. More screenies, please!

  3. Thomas McGuire Says:

    Hey, you said “there is still the odd quirk hanging around”.
    Please report these to so we know about them. There is no guarantee that they will be fixed (because there is so much to do), but then at least we know about them.

    Thanks for the nice blog postings about KMail.

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