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KMail in the flesh

15th February 2008

I was asked for screenies…

KMail in the flesh

Come back KMail: all is forgiven

14th February 2008

I’m using KMail 1.9.50, and I love it!

There’s still the odd quirk hanging around, such as not saving expire settings, but on the whole it’s a pleasant experience. And I love the Oxygen theme.

There are various improvements over KMail from KDE 3, as well. For example, threading is specified on a per-folder basis – so you can disable threading on lists where people abuse it (such as my college mailing list, where people send emails to the list by using reply-all on a previous email) or where you don’t want to look for emails by thread but by date (such as sent-mail), but enable it on something like kde-core-devel.

It has a very weird interaction with the plasma system tray, though. Having started KMail, sorted through a bunch of emails and quit it again, my system tray looks like this:

all is forgiven

Mail clients

10th February 2008

I’m starting to get really cheesed off with mail clients.

I’ve been using KMail for some time, and I love it. It does everything I want it to (well, almost – virtual folders would be fantastic, but I hear rumours that they are on their way…). Unfortunately, my KDE 4 setup first of all decided it didn’t want to run any KDE 3 apps, and when it changed its mind KMail just stopped working. It wouldn’t do anything that involved talking to a mail server (including setting up an account, since that involves checking the capabilities of the SMTP server).

I went for mutt for a while (which was what I used when I was a console junkie). But I’m addicted to GUIs now, and mutt didn’t understand KMail’s directory structure. And I didn’t have anything to tell me if a folder other than the main inbox had email in it.

Currently, I have a dovecot IMAP server running. This works quite well in that there are no directory structure problems. A bit of procmailing brings back the filtering I love so much (although I have to run fetchmail manually each login as KDE 4 doesn’t seem to support autostarting apps by symlinking them from the Autostart directory).

I decided to go with Mailody. On the whole, it’s quite good. I like a lot of the interface. I have a few gripes: next-unread doesn’t, in fact, go to the next unread message. It scrolls down the current message. Only when you are at the end of the current message does it skip to the next unread message. This is quite irritating on things like kde-commits.

Not only that, but it occasionally tells me “the SMTP server does not support authentication” when I try to send an email (this is nonsense – the SMTP server requires authentication). The solution is to save the message, close Mailody, open it again and re-send it.

Oh, and Mailody only supports one account, so I’m back to webmail for my university account.

“All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less.” -the creator of mutt, circa 1995

[edit] It’s KMail from KDE 3 that’s decided to stop working, not KMail from KDE 4 [/edit]