Plasma Bugs

Just to say that a few Plasma bugs/wishes are likely to be recurring themes on Rest assured we know about them.

  • Background image sometimes doesn’t load, and the background preview in the “Configure Desktop” dialog doesn’t always update. Fixed for 4.0.1.
  • Applethandles don’t always disappear when you move the cursor off the applet. This is due to a deficiency in the Qt Graphics Canvas hover event handling. We’re looking into either a sensible work around or for TrollTech to fix it. We have a 99% workaround for 4.0.1 (see aseigo’s comment on this post).
  • No panel configuration (apart from adding & removing applets). It’s coming.
  • If your desktop crashes (or you kill it with killall plasma – handy tip: use kquitapp) part way through your first run, only part of the config gets saved and you no longer have a panel. Fixed for 4.0.1 (see aseigo’s comment on this post).

9 Responses to “Plasma Bugs”

  1. andrei chitic | ro » Blog Archive » KDE 4 zi de zi Says:

    […] de super user tu o introduci dar o primeste gresit (am tot incercat dar nu vrea), etc … dar se stie deja de multe dintre bug-uri si versiunea 4.0.1 va aduce multe patch-uri cu imbunatatiri (se stia si […]

  2. Lee Says:

    Is it known or even intentional that clicking on icons (applets) for folders etc. does nothing except highlight the icon while the button is depressed? It seems to very consistently do nothing, but it’s hard to believe that wasn’t implemented, when it’s already been developed to the stage where clicking does *something*.

  3. andrei chitic | en » Blog Archive » Using KDE 4 day by day Says:

    […] good thing is that the KDE developers are aware of many of this issues, and some are already fixed and waiting for the 4.0.1 […]

  4. own3d Says:

    Can I please add to the list;
    Working desktop icons cannot be created with plasma

  5. Aaron J. Seigo Says:

    > Applethandles don’t always disappear when you move the cursor off the applet.

    already mostly fixed in both trunk and branch. we worked around the issues with clever event filtering. it’s not 100% perfect in that the handle can go away if you move your mouse in precisely the right ways (e.g. very, very fast under and then back out the same side of a window), but it causes no deficient behaviours and having it not show is better than having it never disappear.

    the big one you didn’t mention was if on premature crash (thank you kubuntu packages) you may end up with no panel. this is because DefaultDesktop was doing a config sync() when it shouldn’t (as in: ever.. and the devs wondered why i didn’t like sync()s, hm? 😉 .. this has also been addressed in both trunk and branch.

  6. randomguy3 Says:

    @Lee: I don’t think that anyone’s filed a bug for that. Can you file a bug on with a detailed description of the problem and how to duplicate it? Thanks.

    @own3d: We have desktop icons that work… Can you file a bug with a detailed description of what you are doing, what behaviour you expect and what behaviour you are getting? Thanks.

  7. IppatsuBlog » KDE4 e i bug di plasma Says:

    […] più evidente di KDE4, Plasma, è stato oggetto a un buon numero di segnalazioni di bug. In un suo post randomguy3, uno degli sviluppatori di KDE, ha indicato i bug segnalati più di […]

  8. eh? Says:

    I love the look and feel of KDE4 even in its current state. Can’t wait for it to mature.

    As it stands now, one bug is really kicking my butt. It seems like almost every program i choose to open will crash plasma. I noticed that point made in the blog but i did not see the fix for it.

    I know the delete the plasma-appletsrc file trick but that doesn’t help much.

  9. randomguy3 Says:

    @eh?: If this is program you are opening in kickoff (the apps menu), rather than using the run dialog (ALT+F2), then I believe that’s been fixed as well.

    Really, I can’t wait for 4.0.1 to come out, since it will have most of the major plasma bugs fixed in it.

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