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Plasma Bugs

12th January 2008

Just to say that a few Plasma bugs/wishes are likely to be recurring themes on Rest assured we know about them.

  • Background image sometimes doesn’t load, and the background preview in the “Configure Desktop” dialog doesn’t always update. Fixed for 4.0.1.
  • Applethandles don’t always disappear when you move the cursor off the applet. This is due to a deficiency in the Qt Graphics Canvas hover event handling. We’re looking into either a sensible work around or for TrollTech to fix it. We have a 99% workaround for 4.0.1 (see aseigo’s comment on this post).
  • No panel configuration (apart from adding & removing applets). It’s coming.
  • If your desktop crashes (or you kill it with killall plasma – handy tip: use kquitapp) part way through your first run, only part of the config gets saved and you no longer have a panel. Fixed for 4.0.1 (see aseigo’s comment on this post).

4.0.0: A Bright New Start

12th January 2008

Planet KDE already has more than enough release banners, so I’m not going post another one.  I will, however, say one thing: of the complaints that I’ve seen levelled at the 4.0.0 desktop so far, most are already fixed for 4.0.1.

I’ve occasionally been posting stats for Plasma on #plasma.  So here are the latest for the planet:

Total bugs filed against plasma, excluding duplicates: 195

Currently open bugs for plasma: 62

Of which wishes: 28

Leaving “real bugs”: 34

The “open bugs” totals have been pretty steady over the past few weeks, while the total number of reported bugs has been steadily increasing as more and more people use the desktop.

Just remember this when you complain about problems with the desktop: if you don’t file bugs, they won’t get fixed!

(PS: for crashes, please install the *-dbg or *-debug packages before you file the report and reproduce the crash to get a useful backtrace if you can.  If you can’t, don’t worry – a detailed description of the problem without a backtrace is better than us not knowing at all.)

Resize; Rotate; and Breathe…

8th January 2008

There have been many complaints about how resizing and rotating happens on widget handles. Hopefully most of those should be assuaged with the last few commits I’ve made.

Here’s what you used to get if you rotated an widget, moved off the widget (so the handles disappeared) and hovered over it again:

Resize; Rotate; and Breathe…

You’ll notice that the handle isn’t rotated, even though the widget is. Also, you’re expected to resize and rotate with a single button (which is the rotate symbol, despite the fact that you’re much more likely to want to resize than rotate the widget). There were also odd quirks with rotating where it would jump about when you released the mouse button or moved off the widget; and if you rotated it, released the mouse button then started rotating again (without leaving the widget), the widget would jump back to its “unrotated” state and start from there.

Well, now all that’s fixed:

Resize; Rotate; and Breathe…

There’s a separate resize button (it still maintains aspect ratio by default, because most widgets have an “ideal” ratio that they start with, but you can freely resize it with CTRL). The rotate button works as expected. And the handle starts at the same rotation as the applet.

Edit: A couple of things I meant to mention and forgot – this will be in 4.0.1, and the jagged edges do exist in the original, but are made worse by the scaling of the images (click on them to get full size).

Resizing plasmoids

5th January 2008

Until this morning, resizing plasma applets meant maintaining the aspect ratio. There was no way to make them wider without changing the height, or vice versa, without manually editing the plasma config file.

Well, if you are running trunk, you can now freely resize applets by holding CTRL while resizing. This won’t make it to 4.0.0 (which has already been tagged), but all the current fixes in plasma should be backported to the 4.0 branch before we move on to 4.1 development. So it should make it to 4.0.1, which is good as it’s quite an important feature for certain plasmoids.

Also, I’ve greatly improved the Now Playing applet:

Resizing plasmoids
The text size will stretch to fit the height of the applet and, if the text doesn’t fit the width of the applet, any excess text will be ellided:

Resizing plasmoids

This is why I needed free resizing…