Planetary Exploration

If you’re reading this post at, the title of this post will display as “Planetary Exploration”. If you’re reading it at, the title of this post (and, indeed, every other post by me) will be “randomguy3”.

You may have noticed this with several other planetary bloggers, by and large people who use WordPress. But not everyone who uses WordPress has this issue – Wade Olson, for one, gets his post titles displayed on Planet KDE.

The common theme, as far as I can see, is avatars. If you have an avatar, a <media:content> tag is placed in each item of the feed linking to it, with a <media:title> subtag. The Planet appears to pick this up (the title for the avatar) and use it as the title for the feed item (ie: the post).

I can’t check this for sure, though, since WordPress won’t let you remove your avatar, only change it.

I suspect using /feed/atom as the feed url (rather than /feed) will fix the issue as well, since that doesn’t make any mention of the avatar.



5 Responses to “Planetary Exploration”

  1. apaku Says:

    Cool that you found that out. Unfortunately I didn’t receive any reply from clee when I mailed him about the problem.

  2. randomguy3 Says:

    Well, I’ve asked clee to change my feed to only get my “KDE” category (so I can post unrelated things without spamming the Planet), so I decided to ask him to change it to the atom feed at the same time. We’ll see if that works.

  3. liquidat Says:

    The problem is already well known to the Planet developers, and a fix is available:
    Unfortunately, the current planet admin refused to include that fix.

  4. Aurélien Gâteau Says:

    FYI: I don’t have set any avatar yet, and the problem is worse: if my post contains images, PlanetKDE will use the title of the latest images as the post title 😦

  5. liquidat Says:

    Aurélien: For that reason I repeat the blog post title in the title of the first image in each of my posts.

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