Given how my motivation went out the window when the interminable discussions about kdeprint happened (and it wasn’t even me or my work being attacked), I have great admiration for the people, like Aaron and the Oxygen team, who have carried on working despite being constantly attacked on the Planet and on the mailing lists for what is perceived as the sorry state of the desktop.

I can’t claim to have done huge amounts of work on Plasma, but I’ve done some and I keep up with what’s going on there, mainly.  On top of that, I’ve been running KDE 4 as my default session for a couple of weeks now, and I regularly rebuild everything.

I’m extremely impressed at the rate of improvement of the desktop.  Every time I svn up and recompile, some bug is fixed or some feature starts working correctly, or some new feature appears.  I’m becoming more and more comfortable with KDE 4 as my desktop.

Just in the last week, Jason Stubbs fixed the system tray.  Aaron posted that he’d fixed the Plasma crash on logout (I, meanwhile, couldn’t even figure out how to get a backtrace, since “killall plasma” doesn’t create the crash and logging out means Dr Konqi disappears before it loads the backtrace).  The Solid Device Notifier started working properly.

All these little improvements add up.  And the remaining major issues are being worked on as I write – in particular, the taskbar (which is functional, but not brilliant), panel placement and panel autohiding.

I can’t wait for the release!

PS: I also love the composite effects in KWin.  It’s really annoying that turning it on with my computer (ATI X300, free drivers) causes artifacts to appear that make using it really irritating.  When I get the chance, I’ll check with Compiz to see where the bug lies.


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2 Responses to “Plasma”

  1. Aaron J. Seigo Says:

    `kquitapp plasma` was how i debugged. killall brute-force kills it, while kquitapp tells it to exit via debus. helpfull little command that.

    p.s. thanks for the supportive blog =)

  2. randomguy3 Says:

    *adds to stockpile of useful tools and tricks*

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